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06. Apr. 2017

It is a nice, cool evening, the wind is moving through the palm trees around me and I am looking up at the most beautiful sky filled with millions of stars.

03. Feb. 2016

A few days ago, Joel got the opportunity to bring a few things to two of the community schools. There was a bed for Bethesda, the school for disabled kids und three black boards for both of the schools. Everything was welcomed with joy and excitement by the teachers and students.

As Joel is one of very few truck drivers at the OM base, he sometimes gets the opportunity to be part of such moment. They are always unique and touching.


13. Oct. 2013

When we came back from classes on a monday afternoon we discovered that we and our neighbours didn't have any water. Because the houses where we are living are new, they don't have a watersystem yet. We have been using the water from the well till now. This well has been our life support till now. But now it is empty.